Sunday, August 20, 2017

I forgot about this post

 I    am playing soccer
 I am at my cousin's house, Braylon and Brooks, and it's their birthday.  I am hitting the piƱata at their Star Wars birthday party.
 I am eating supper after I took a bath.
 I am feeding Aniston.

Monday, August 14, 2017


It was fun with my cousins.  
 It was fun with my cousins at fireworks.
 It was fun taking pictures, too, with my cousin.
 The fireworks were very loud but I handled it.  It was good that I had my cousin next to me.
 When they exploded it was super duper loud. 
 The grand finale was good but I was a little scared.
I like this picture because I was taking a picture right next to my cousins.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Me and Everybody

 This is me going to my seat.
 I am about to say my line.
 I am ready to go to Nana and Gampa's house to spend the night with Luke.
 I am Yoda.  Luke is either Spider Man or Owlette.
 I am writing a letter to Santa.  I am going to give it to him.  I hope he gets it.
 I am giving Santa my card for all I want for Christmas.  Happy Holidays, Santa.
 I am making a cookie for me.  I want to eat it bad.  It was good.
 I am still making a cookie.  It is going to be so good.
 I am eating my cookie.  Finally.  I was wanting to eat it bad.
 I am with Santa and all of my family.  Carson is wearing Santa's hat but he doesn't have a beard because he is only one year old.  Santa is probably 51.  I am 5 years old and 56 pounds.
 I am leaving basketball practice and I'm holding my drink and walking to our car.  I was excited.
 We are putting ornaments on the tree.  It is going to be cool.  I hope Santa comes.  I want a lot of presents.  And I did get some. 
 This is my bad guys and good guys.  I am wearing my "R"shirt and "R"pants.  The good guys are on bottom and the bad guys on top.  I don't know why I put the bad guys on top.
I am getting ready for my play.  I am going to say my line perfect.  I'm combing my hair like I want it. 

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Going To School

 This is Aniston and Marley on the gold chair by the Christmas tree.
 Carson is watching The Wizard of Oz.  I do not like it so I just stayed, I think, in my mom's room and watched Eleyna From Avalor.
 Savannah, Dad, and me watching the Santa movie and we already got the Christmas tree up.
 I am unbuttoning Aniston's pajamas and we are going to change her diaper.  I bet it's going to have lots of poop in her diaper so whenever mom changes it, it's going to go across the room.
 I am working on my school supplies for the next day.  It's my first day of school.  And I cannot wait.  My first day was kind of hard.  But I handled it.
 We are getting our names on almost everything so we can go to school and I was really good for Ms. Anita.
 This is Aniston.  She has a pretty hat on and she is in Dad's hands.  She is wearing a shirt that is pink that I love. 
 KitCat is trying to get up on the bed and Carson is laughing.  KitCat is so funny.  One time he bite me but I was okay.  I told Gampa. 
 We are watching the Santa movie and it was lots of fun to watch.  I was eating ice cream with sprinkles, chocolate syrup, and whipped cream.  It was delicious.  Please try it.
 Aniston is getting ready for bath time and she is asleep.  And whenever we got her in the bath she was crying to death.  She is so cute.
 Aniston is taking a bath and she is just fine. 
 Savannah doesn't want me to go to school and I have to.  She was holding onto my legs.  I wanted to go to school but she didn't want me to.  She had fun anyways.
 Dad is talking to me before school. 
 Me and Dad are giving a great big hug because we love each other.
 I am hanging on the basketball goal that was in the living room....can't you tell.  And I'm getting ready for school.  I am so excited. 
 I'm smiling.  It's not really a good smile.  But it's funny.
 Do you know how to count in Spanish?  This is how you count in Spanish (Uno, dos, tres, quatro, cinco).
I'm letting the dog out.  I'm behind the tree.  You can't really see me.  Can you tell that I'm outside?
 I am not ready for mommy to go.  My other friends are playing peek-a-boo.  I'm trying to get them to not see me.  But they are.  I was in the gym at school waiting for Ms. Anita.
 Ms. Anita is putting my name on my locker so I can put my stuff in.  Ryder and Bella have lockers right next to me. 
 Me and Ms. Anita in the classroom.  I am in my desk and I am learning some new stuff.  My classroom is really cool.  You should come and see it some time. 
 Aniston is so sweet.  I could hold her for a week.
 I am getting home in the car from school.  Which it was the funnest time.  I only have to go every day except for Sunday because it's church day. 
Aniston is smiling at mommy.  I love it.